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Young Escorts Perth – Ladies, Try Wearing A Female Condom And Experience Sexual Boost

For sure, you’re already aware of the usual male condoms, but female condoms? If your handsome lover refuses to wear one, then you should, for logic’s sake. Better be safe than sorry. Always think of your own protection when getting laid, just like what the beautiful Young Escorts Perth do whenever they are with clients. What’s more, the FC2 condoms are said to boost sexual pleasure with great intensity! And the best part – you won’t even notice you’re wearing one.

Why You Should Start Wearing A Female Condom

Young Escorts PerthJust like the male condom, the female item is designed mainly for protection, that is, against unwanted pregnancies and of course, the dreaded sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Studies show that with correct usage, it is actually 95% effective.

Needless to say, you have to wear it before any sexual contact. For storage, choose a spot that’s not too hot nor too cold. If you’re now convinced of making a purchase, look for the CE label on the packet  so you’re assured of the right safety standards. While the stuff also received negative rap, those who have been using it the right way have attested to the fact that the merchandise is superior as regards safety and pleasure.

Its Humble Beginnings

Known as the FC or the Femidom launched in 1980s, it instantly got bad reviews because they said the fitting procedure was complicated plus, it had some kind of ‘rustling sounds’ as it moved during coitus. Hence, the design revamp in 2007.

Today, FC2 condoms are made of nitrile instead of latex – the very same material used in surgical gloves. When inserted four hours before sexing, their success rate is 85%. These also cost significantly less than the male condoms. And there’s no worry when using since the stuff stays in place, says Dr. Leah S. Millheiser, Director of the female sexual medicine program at Stanford University. When in Brazil, find the name ‘Della’, which incidentally, is also popular around South America.

During the height of the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil, the sale of the condoms soared. Reportedly, about 100,000 were distributed to the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic athletes in 2016. Its Chicago-based manufacturer was happy to note that such goods gained tremendous acceptance as an alternative for birth control and for prevention of HIV, HPV and the Zika virus as well.

So, if you want total satisfaction in bed minus the worries, start wearing a female condom now. Surely,  many of the tantalising Young Escorts Perth have been enjoying extreme pleasure with its usage.



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