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Young Escorts Perth – Lively, Luscious Facts About the Lunge Sex Position

If you and your female bedroom partners are in search of a couple of novelty sex positions to try out, perhaps you should try out this one called the ”Lunge” sex position! The technique gets its name from the fact that the ladies will be lunging on top of the guys while performing it. Here are a couple more luscious facts about the Lunge sex position.

Basic Moves

T Young Escorts Pertho get into the Lunge sex position, you need to lie down on the bed on your back, and you may need to open your legs too. Next, your girlfriend, or the hot and alluring Young Escorts Perth, gets into a lunging position on top of you.

She starts off by standing up straight on the bed, facing you, with her feet together just below your crotch, and with her feet inside your legs. Next, the woman takes her left foot and places it to the side of the guy’s right arm on the bed, and puts her right leg behind the guy’s, so that she is in a lunging position , and lowers herself onto her man.

But while the lady does most of the lunging (or moving), the guys below should also be helping out! They could actually do this by thrusting back into her, as well as by using his arms to grab her by the waist, and helping to lift her up and down if you like.

What to Consider When Doing the Lunge Position

When deciding to perform the Lunge sex position, here are a couple of things to consider, if only to ensure that you and your lady do it right. First, if the woman just uses her arms (and the guy helps) she need not use her legs that much at all to raise herself up and down.The guys (and that includes you of course!) can perform the Lunge with their legs closed instead of having them open.

However, don’t forget to give your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Young Escorts Perth, a helping hand too, so that she would never feel excruciatingly tired by lunging on top of you!



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