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Young Escorts Perth – Sex “Experts” Who Made the Planet a Bad Place to Have Sex

Like anything else in life, the subject of sex is also rife with so-called “experts” on the subject matter, ranging from the lowly to the elite, to the absurd and the well-renowned. And of course, history is also full of sex experts who, as it turns out, were just making crap up as they went along! Here’s a peek at the so-called sex “experts” who made the planet a bad place to have sex.

Heba Kotb (1967 – Present)

If your hookup partners, or even your favourite Young Escorts Perth, have heard of a sex expert named Heba Kotb, perhaps you should tell them to never ever believe the crap she says! Well, I guess they don’t know her, because Miss Kotb is actually the first licensed sexologist in all of Egypt! And since she’s in Egypt, which is a very conservative country (like the rest of the world’s Muslim-majority nations), she is ether forbidden to discuss the more sensitive aspects of human sexuality, or she toes the line of the religious conservatives too!

For example, when she speaks of homosexuality, she compares it to alcoholism and drug abuse, which is something that can be cure by a so-called “12-step” program, and possibly by hypnotherapy too.

She even takes a hard line on female masturbation, saying that women should not touch themselves before marriage, and she also adds that women need not masturbate because the husband should be getting the job done!

Dr. Sylvester Graham (1794 – 1851)

In the 1800s, Dr. Graham was what we’d consider today a “whacko”, as he believed that a man should not have sex more than 12 times a year, and he even asserted that by consuming spicy or rich foods, any guy or girl could get into a mad stroking fit any moment!

Samuel Auguste Tissot (1728 – 1797)

Mr. Tissot was a physician and neurologist who advised the Vatican on a wide array of issues, perhaps including sex. He once wrote about the “evils” of masturbation, where he says he “witnessed” compulsive masturbators who wasted away like heroin addicts, drooling on beds of straw, and their brains so whacked up from the masturbation!

Now before your hookup partners, or even your preferred Young Escorts Perth, start believing in all that bullsh_t crap about sex out there, perhaps you should tell them to be wary of any so-called “expert”, as well as have an open mind regarding the issue!



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