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Young Escorts Perth – The Many Health Benefits of Spooning

If you’d like to live a healthier and longer life, perhaps you should keep cuddling your partner every day or every night! According to health experts, physical affection may be the most powerful of all love languages, and spooning is the perfect way for boosting your connection and your health. Here’s a quick yet refreshing look at the many health benefits of spooning.

Spooning Is Good for the Heart

Do you cuddle your girlfriend, or your favourite  Young Escorts Perth? If you do, then good, because cuddling has been proven to lower blood pressure! The health experts also add that spooning is a horizontal hug that can last hours!

And who says you can’t “spoon” without a romantic or hookup partner? If you’re single, there are actually substitute outlets which can assist in achieving the same benefits, like cuddling a child or pet, or surrounding yourself with soft pillows and blankets!

Hugs Release Lots of Oxytocin Too

Another wonderful benefit of spooning is that it helps release lots of oxytocin, or feel-good hormones. Health experts stress that oxytocin has the ability to increase the immune system and decrease pain. It also reduces stress, social anxiety and depression.

It Relaxes and Soothes the Soul

Spooning also allows couples to feel each other’s vibration, which, in that state, are calm and peaceful. Spooning also enables the awesome transfer of energies that promote relaxation and love. In addition, spooning also promote slots of feel-good feelings, which can ultimately be good for overall heart health. Some sex experts suggest that you try breathing in sync with your partner while you spoon.

You Sleep So Much Better

New research has also shown that men and women in long-term relationships sleep better than those who don’t have a partner, and don’t spoon. Too bad nearly a quarter of Americans today continue to sleep apart, and don’t spoon any more!

To counter the rising number of people today who are just too busy to hug and cuddle, perhaps you should make it a point to spend a lot of time in bed with your girlfriend, or your favourite Young Escorts Perth, and engage in hours and hours of cuddling!



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