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Young Escorts Perth – The Plus and Minuses of the “Push and Pull” Sex Position

If your sexual routine simply goes like wham-bam-thank you, then perhaps you should try to make things a lot more interesting, or else your erotic life could soon dip to its lowest point! Well, one good suggestion would be to try out this cool and exciting Kama Sutra sex position tonight, which is aptly called the “Push and Pull” technique!

The Pros of The Push and Pull Method

Whether you’re going on a date tonight with your girlfriend or hookup buddy, or even with the hot and alluring Young Escorts Perth, the Push and Pull technique should be among the first new moves that you could consider doing!

This position presents a challenge at the onset, given the flexibility and strength it requires, and of course it can be a bit of a challenge to pull off too! The move can be exemplified by the fact that both the receiving partner and topping partner can control the thrusts if they can coordinate movements, both utilizing their arms and legs to support the motions (not to mention their abs too).  The Push and Pull technique has a rating of 3.5/5 on the position difficulty chart.

The Potential Cons

girl-2384588_960_720Due to the amount of ab work that the Push and Pull position requires, which can be quite nerve-wracking after around two minutes, sex experts suggests moving to a hip twirling from the bottoming partner. The topping partner should also put one of their legs between their partners’ so as to lend at least one arm.

And with so much ab work and twirling, it would be nearly impossible for male partners to offer clitoral stimulation as they would in a doggy style. However, clitoral stimulation could still be pulled off if you add a wearable couple’s massager, as either partner can control the vibrations with a remote control.

And if you really want to go all out with this sex position, the thrusting partner can use the hand they are not leaning backwards onto to stimulate their partner anally, either with their finger or with a vibrator.

Now, would this technique be easy to pull off with your girlfriend, or with the hot and alluring Young Escorts Perth?



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