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Young Escorts Perth – Why Sleeping Naked Is Good For Men: 5 Proven Reasons

Many people are missing out on the healthful benefits of sleeping in the nude. Those who advocate it say that it feels awesome to practise night-time nakedness. According to the National Sleep Foundation, only 12 percent of Americans sleep without clothes on. Does your GF or the hot Young Escorts Perth you’re dating at the moment, also like to do the same? Here’s what the experts say on loosening it up tonight. Young Escorts Perth

  1. Helps You Get A Sound Sleep

If you’re all covered up in bed, the natural fluctuation of your body temperature can be affected. Note that as you rest, your temperature lowers and then soars again before you rise. Any extra insulation makes you feel warm causing restlessness, turning and tossing in bed and later, sweating. With nudity, you simply let your body temperature flow up and down without disruption.

  1. Gets You More Connected

Oxytocin, the ‘love’ hormone or ‘cuddle’ hormone is released when you sleep skin-to-skin next to your honey. Only you know what will happen next! Research say that said hormone is a stress-reducer and when you’re both highly relaxed, you’ll feel the connection more, your sex drive increased.

  1. Keeps Your Testicles Protected

A respected urologist says that with boxers on, you’re keeping the heat and moisture in, thus, inviting bacteria’ growth. If you got chafed skin along your groins, it will be more prone to infection. So, free you balls, keep it drier, cleaner and happier.

  1. Keeps Your Sperm Healthy

Medical authorities say, sperm production is better optimised when the scrotum is at just the right temperature, which is pegged at 95 to 96 degrees, or only a bit cooler than the remainder of your body. Studies reveal that the quality of sperm will suffer when the testicles are very warm. Apart from heat, tight undergarment can also increase the temperature down there to more than the optimum level. For the sake of future generations, keep your balls free and your sperm strong.

  1. Fires Up Your Metabolic Processes

A 2014 study reports that keeping your body cool just like when you sleep naked, can help ignite your metabolism. From the project, it was found out that brown fat, a kind of healthy fat, is stored in the neck when one sleeps in a cool room. This fat helps burn calories so that your body can produce heat. Contrastingly, nothing of sort happens when you sleep in a warm room, or when your body is kept warm because of clothing.

So, the next time around, urge your inamorata or the sizzling Young Escorts Perth you want to date next, to practise night-time nudity. It will surely be more fun between the sheets!



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